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*These are all questions people have asked me. 🤷 If you have more, feel free to hit that chat button.


What if I just want to watch?

Sounds hot. Tickets are on sale now!​

If I participate, will you humiliate me?

Honestly, no. I'm not an insult comic, and the only person I've successfully roasted is myself. I mean, yeah, I'm a comedian, so there's that, but I'm much more interested in having fun with ridiculous situations than making an individual feel badly. 

I want everyone to have a great time. Otherwise, why would anyone submit to be a contestant on a future show?

Are you seriously going to unlock my phone?

Yes. But consent matters, okay? If you're intrigued, let's chat.

Is there a consolation prize?

Absolutely! An entire audience will see how sexy and brave you are, and I'll make sure they know it. 😉 I also have a fun gift for the men who don't "win". 

Is this going to be on TV?

What? No! (Or at least... not yet. 😇) It's a live show, with an audience. Let's bring back face-to-face interaction, yeah?

Are you filming this?

Yes, I have an amazing filmmaker/editor, Connor Linnerooth, and I post clips every week on social media - but no clips are posted without consent from everyone featured.

Are you genuinely trying to set people up?

Yes. One match will be made onstage, and couples have officially resulted from the audience.

Where can I apply to be a contestant?


Do I have to be in LA to apply?

No. I'll take the show to any city where I get enough contestants. 🥳🎉🥳